How to earn uncapped reward in a bull market by mining with EHash

The price of Bitcoin has risen astonishingly in the past year, and once again awakened the world to the wealth created by cryptocurrencies . The sudden surge in cryptocurrencies’ market value has acted as a magnet to attract newbies to the industry, most of whom had no experience.

The crypto market experiences high levels of volatility and intermittent switches between the bull and bear market. This ultimately brings a shock wave to new investors as they grapple with the fluctuations. In the process of managing this turmoil, some inexperienced newbies end up making regrettable mistakes which eventually cost them money.

Miners reward is uncapped in a bull market

Market consensus has it that during a bull market, mining is the most lucrative investment. The cycle begins with mining, hoarding coins, and then waiting for money. This is an effective investment method in all markets.

The logic of Warren Buffett's investment strategy is similar to that of miners. They are all long-term investors, looking at the fundamentals of the company, choosing a good company, holding it at an appropriate price, and then waiting for the company to continue to grow in the overall expanding economy, not particularly concerned about short-term market fluctuations. The secret of this logical success lies in knowing clearly what you are doing, being firm and confident. This is the reason Buffett has been able to continuously make profit throughout his life.

Doing short-term investment and betting on the market may be temporarily profitable, albeit amid high risk. However, the market is changing rapidly. Influential people’s choices and even their speech can positively or negatively affect the market. There will be no winning generals in such a complex environment. Frequent trading activity driven by fear and uncertainty suggests that the trader does not have time to analyse their portfolio in order to make informed investment decisions. This behaviour is exacerbated particularly by a switching regime of bull and bear markets. The more uncertain a trader is, the likely they are to make a quick exit from a long position. This strategy of chasing short-lived riches and profits is exhaustive and unsustainable.

Miners believe in the value of Bitcoin, ETH and other blockchains and are willing to pay for it for a long time. They all received corresponding returns. In the past few bull markets, BTC has risen 600 times, 130 times, 30 times, and 50 times, respectively. ETH also rose nearly 180 times in the 2017 bull market.

Holding BTC, ETH, etc., will eventually bring far higher profits than buying lottery tickets in many small currencies. One way to obtain these cryptocurrencies is through mining. Every time in a bull market, BTC and ETH may gradually increase with the market value. The price of small currencies may also increase accordingly.

You may only hear of mining to get rich, long-term holding to get rich, but you have rarely heard of short-term holding to get rich”. Holding for short term can only get you a little, while mining and long-term holding can make you rich. Two “celebrities” who are what the crypto community has dubbed #hodlers (for holders) and long term mine to get rich are Zhao Changpeng, who sold his house in Shanghai in 2014 and made all his efforts to study bitcoins by holding bitcoins for a long time and creating Binance. Another is the second master who only has a high school education who is unwilling to sell beef and is desperate to dig bitcoin. These two people’s profits in the wave of “digital currencies” have at least a ten-digit dollar gain.

Mining outperforms the bull market while EHash outperforms mining

Holding an asset for a long time and expecting long term return is not only difficult to do but carries a certain level of uncertainty to investors. Only with the help of external forces and tools can we better implement this investment philosophy.

EHash, which anchors the mining power of Ethereum, can help you become the protagonist of the “mining rich” story, and can even generate higher returns than traditional mining.

EHash is a token that anchors the mining power of Ethereum. Each EHash corresponds to Ethereum hashing power of 0.01MHash/s. EHash holders can obtain the corresponding mining output with a simple and low threshold.

EHash holders can obtain 80% of the mining output of the corresponding computing power, and the remaining 20% is used to pay for mining electricity, maintenance of the mining machine, etc. Since buying a mining machine for mining is costly, the annualized income of holding EHash for mining and buying a mining machine for mining will generally be close. EHash has its unique advantages such as allowing holders to earn Ethereum mining reward without spending a dime on acquiring mining machines.

EHash is anchored to the computing power running in the mining pool, and not the mining machine. When considering the possible failure, disconnection, power outage and other problems related to mining machines which may interrupt the mining process, EHash’s mining revenue is continuous. This means that with the same computing power, the working hours of EHash is longer than that of miners, and the mining revenue will naturally increase.

Similarly, because there is no trouble with these mining machines, EHash holders spend much less in the mining process than hardware mining machines. Miners need to pay for the maintenance and custody of the mining machines. Under the current high mining threshold, most individual investors need to conduct mining machine custody mining and this raises the possibility of centralization risk and fraud. EHash automatically distributes mining revenue through smart contracts. Mining is not only simple, but also more stable.

Another potential benefit comes from the flexibility of holding EHash mining. EHash mining does not require collateral and can be traded and circulated in the market at any time. This liquidity advantage will be reflected in a certain premium in the secondary market. In anticipation of the appreciation of ETH in the bull market, EHash, as a convenient investment tool with its own high liquidity and leverage advantages, has considerable premium and speculation space, which can bring additional income effects. In contrast, mining machines are consumables and obsolete products that need to be maintained and updated, while EHash is a permanent investment tool that can be realized at any time. When the mining revenue is flat, the EHash holders’ revenue in the bull market will be higher than the hardware mining machines’ income.

With the gradual development in blockchain application scenarios and the increasing prosperity of DeFi, Ethereum, the current strongest public chain, will have more and more applications in the future, and its recognition in the mainstream world will also increase. The prospects of ETH are considerable, and a simple and convenient way of mining is an effective way to enjoy the dividends of this era.

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EHash is a token that anchors the Ethereum PoW mining power. Each EHash corresponds to 0.01MHash/s Ethereum PoW power. EHash is tradeable on