EHash OnePager: Ethereum Hashing Power EHash Token

1. Introduction

EHash is a token that anchors the Ethereum PoW mining power. Each EHash corresponds to 0.01MHash/s Ethereum PoW hashing power. EHash is tradeable on both CEX and DEX. When deciding to exit the market, a user has to find the buyer and negotiate the price before settlement. EHash can be viewed as the governance token for the Ethereum mining community, a symbol of ownership for Ethereum hashing power and a right to own Ethereum mining reward.

2. EHash Project Overview

Instead, EHash holders get 80% of ETH mining reward and we charges an all inclusive 20% mining reward as operation and maintenance. The initial issuance of 20,000,000 EHash corresponds to 200,000M of Ethereum network hashing power(Ethereum’s entire network hashing power is now 390,000G, 1G=1,000M) as shown below.

3. Why EHash? Competitive Advantages.

  • Firstly, EHash solves the costly mining problem for ordinary people by introducing “Hash Ethereum Hashing Power” on the Ethereum Network.
  • Secondly, outstanding supply of the token and mining power that supports EHash can be accessed anytime on the Mining Pool. In addition, the supply of EHash is not fixed.
  • Thirdly, mining using EHash removes the need to maintain equipment and in the event of a malfunction, power is always guaranteed by the provider.
  • Moreover, mining output gets allocated to EHash holders automatically by smart contracts.
  • Lastly, EHash holders do not need to pay electricity bills. The supply chain and mechanism is powered by EHash

4. The Distribution of mining rewards

EHash holders could watch the real-time hashing power through the following URL address:

Mining Pool mining reward is deposited to the reward allocation smart contract deployed on Ethereum mainnet . The smart contract address is:

5. Reward Prospective

In view of the current prevailing conditions on Ethereum network, APY is calculated as follows:

APY = daily ETH reward*ETH Price*0.01/EHash Price*365. The table below shows sensitivity analysis given different EHash and ETH price assumptions.

6. Comparison of EHash vs DeFi, ETH and Crowdfunded mining

EHash vs ETH

When the price of ETH drops, EHash can still yield mining rewards for its holders, who still will have an option to hold their position until ETH recovers. Meanwhile, EHash holders continue to accumulate ETH mining rewards to mitigate their investment principle book loss.

EHash vs DeFi

EHash as an asset has the capacity to support the growth of DeFi mining on the entire Etherium Network.

EHash vs Other Crowdfunded mining

Unlike ASIC mining machines that are likely to be phased out by more advanced machines, EHash will not be obsolete as long as Ethereum PoW network exist. Furthermore, EHash is robust, resilient and its value will continue to appreciate compared to hardware based crowdfunded mining.

8. About EHash




EHash is a token that anchors the Ethereum PoW mining power. Each EHash corresponds to 0.01MHash/s Ethereum PoW power. EHash is tradeable on