Call for EHash Ambassadors!

EHash is a token that anchors the Ethereum PoW mining power. Each EHash corresponds to 0.01MHash/s Ethereum PoW power. EHash is tradeable on

EHash provides a worry-free mining solution for EHash holders. EHash holders do not need to pay electricity fees or any other fees. EHash Holders get 80% of ETH mining reward.

The combination of mining power、cryptocurrency and smart contract from Ehash is one of the latest innovative developments to the crypto world. Consequently, the popularity of EHarsh continues to grow drastically and in order to offer the best services to our community and even reach a much wider audience, we have decided to recruit some ambassadors. If you are interested in our community,welcome to join us!

We are looking for someone who:

  • Believes in blockchain, Crypto and DAO
  • Is keen to learn new things,Enthusiastic about Ehash
  • Is active in the EHash community, could provide continuous support to other members of the community and undertake various community roles.

We hope that community ambassadors can bring the following contributions to Ehash, including but not limited to:

  • Content output: Able to create some high-quality content about Ehash or Ethereum mining and publish it in its own community. The high-quality content will be adopted and displayed by Ehash’s official website and other well-known platforms including first-line media. For example, pictures, videos, articles.
  • Social media channels: disseminate Ehash’s project concept to a wider audience, help Ehash build the community through ambassadors’ own resources and channels, and guide more people to understand Ehash. For example, influential individuals, media, KOLs, and senior users.
  • User training: able to independently cultivate some seed users who fully understand Ehash and are willing to actively participate, or active deep blockchain users. For example, experienced users who have established and managed communities.
  • Technical cooperation: We welcome the developer community to participate in the discussion of building Ehash products and agreements. The development team can participate in the code collaboration of the project after communicating with the Ehash technical team.

Once you have been active in the Ehash community for a long time, and are prepared to ambassador then proceed to fill in the application:

Application: You can communicate with us about your interest and what you are capable of delivering as an ambassador. Please indicate your experience and potential deliverables in your CV and send it to:

During the trial period, you will communicate and cooperate with the Ehash team and other ambassadors remotely. If your work is approved by the team’s vote, you will become an EHash ambassador and enjoy more rights and benefits.

1、Join the Ehash DAO

Qualified ambassadors will have the opportunity to join the Ehash DAO. DAO members can initiate community building proposals to Ehash DAO, including initiating Grants project funding proposals for community building, and initiating and participating in community building.

2、Special invitation for online and offline events

As a community member, you will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in various offline activities organized by Ehash. At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to represent Ehash in various online and offline activities.

3、Reasonable token return

Ehash has prepared sufficient token rewards for ambassadors, and we will provide token rewards based on your performance according to the “Proof of Work” mechanism. With the innovative performance of Ehash’s projects, Ehash’s tokens are already gaining popularity and attracting a lot of attention. We are off to a great start!

EHash is a token that anchors the Ethereum PoW mining power. Each EHash corresponds to 0.01MHash/s Ethereum PoW power. EHash is tradeable on